Dear customers,

The new conditions created due to Covid-19 force us to observe additional preventive hygiene & safety measures.
Our priority is to protect the health of customers, partners & public health in general.
We provide you with information regarding our room policy due to Covid-19.

The staff follows all the basic measures to avoid transmission and welcomes you with protective masks, keeping your distance.

We operate in accordance with the recommendations of EODY in order to provide safe accommodation to customers and ideal working conditions for staff. We keep the cleanliness at high levels while at the same time we work with a certified disinfection company to achieve the maximum possible result.
Our staff has all the means of personal protection and is properly trained.

According to the instructions of EODY we are obliged to clean, disinfect & ventilate the rooms after each check-out (which takes place until 11:00) and to remain empty until 15:00 (which can be checked in) .
Daily clothing change is abolished, unless requested by the customer. The customer is asked if he / she wishes daily cleaning during his / her stay in Kini Bay. In case he does not want it, he supplies by us, by arrangement, hygiene items and clothing.
The clothing is collected by the staff and transferred to a cooperating cleaning company where it is disinfected and returned packaged.
The common areas are disinfected daily as well as all the furniture in them. In rooms with a shared terrace, each guest will have their own seating area.
Antiseptic devices (fixed or not) have been installed in all areas so that they are easy to use by customers and staff.
Finally, the transfer service from / to the port / airport is abolished.

In case you do not feel well you should contact us, so that we can inform the General Hospital of Syros and EODY for further instructions.

We Take Care & Stay Safe
Yours sincerely,
The Kini Bay team